Historical Exploration Work

Luanga benefits from high quality historic exploration activities, including:

  • Regional and local geology mapping
  • Stream sampling, resulted in initial PGM discovery
  • Soil sampling defined +7km strike of PGM mineralization
    • Highly effective and low cost PGM exploration tool
  • Numerous geophysical surveys: aero/ground mag, radiometrics, TDEM, IP
  • Completed widely spaced (100 to 200m lines) diamond drilling to average 200m depth
    • 252 holes/50,352m
    • Core available for re-logging and re-assaying 
  • Completed fatal flaw metallurgical testwork
    • No fatal flaws
    • >70% total PGM recoveries for “saleable” bulk Pd-Pt-Rh-Au-Ni concentrate

Historic Drill hole location map for Luanga target, Luanga Project